Tom Simpson

T.O.M.Simpson sadly passed away on 25th September aged 91.

Before coming to teach at Holmewood House School and representing the Bluemantle’s Cricket Club, he played for M.C.C and Esher CC

In the history of Esher CC celebrating their centenary in 1963, it states ….

‘The three years of Crouch captaincy marked the rise of J.A.Harrison and T.O.M.Simpson both powerful strikers of the ball – left and right respectively, the latter scoring his one thousand runs in 1957 and 1959’.

He first played for Esher in 1946 and had 62 innings amassing over 8000 runs at an average of 25.08.

Neil Benedict, who was coached by Tom, writes…
‘I first met Tom in the late 50’s when he ran the Esher Colts – his enthusiasm along with his schoolmasterly and authoritative style, contributed to a happy and fun environment. When I was in the Eastbourne College X1, it was lovely to watch and play against him representing the MCC in the 1960’s. He played a very positive effect on my life during this period, which I very much appreciated.’

Ted Rose, a distinguished member of The Bluemantle’s writes…

‘He was a Cambridge Crusader — he always wore the cap — and was a useful, uncomplicated, correct and attractive bat. He was also a revered schoolmaster. In his retirement he spent many hours reading to hospital patients.’

‘The one thing I can tell you is that I ran him out to finish his last ever innings! It was in the BM week and I had opened the batting in the morning. Tom came in at number three and we had a decent partnership up until lunch. I don’t know how many Tom made, but it must have been 40 or 50.’

‘Anyhow, I faced the first ball after lunch, eased it into the gap in the covers and trotted off for a gentle single. Tom had managed to get half-way down the pitch when he let out a howl of pain and pulled up with a torn hamstring.’

‘He enjoyed recounting afterwards, omitting his injury, that I had run him out in his last ever innings! – Lovely bloke.’