JRV ‘Dick’ Woods sadly died on the 28th October after a short illness.
He became a member of the Bluemantle’s in 1948 and played cricket with the likes of Maurice Williams, Peter Neild, Ian Fleming, Keith Linney, Hector Munro and Nigger Wright amongst others. Later on he played with Ted Rose and his brother Gerald , who became a member whilst still at school in 1951.
JRV Woods opened the batting for Kent Young Amateurs against Surrey at the Oval in September 1949. Colin Cowdrey batted at 3 for Kent and Micky Stewart at 3 for Surrey. He also opened the batting for The Army in 1952 at Fenners, DRW Silk (later Chairman of TCCB) and Robin Marlar were playing for Cambridge.
For a view of these and other miscellaneous matches of JRV Woods, see this link.