2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the Golf Section and this year we will be
holding three matches and three meetings during the period from early May
to early October. When formed in 1962 the Golf Section comprised mainly of
active Bluemantle cricketers and our first match was against the XL Club.
This fixture still continues and we have also added Piltdown and Royal
Ashdown to our fixture list.

The Golf Section is open to any existing Bluemantle members and there is
no additional subscription required. We still have two of the original founding
members from 1962 playing – Gerald Woods, our chairman and Ted Rose.
They are supported by around 25 other members most of whom will turn out
during the season.

We play our fixtures on good courses where we are warmly welcomed and
the days are always good fun and not taken too seriously. We would be
delighted to welcome any existing Bluemantles, of whatever standard, who
would like to come and join us. Our first meeting this year is taking place on
the West course at Royal Ashdown on Wednesday May 4th teeing off at
11am – please come and join us!

For further information please contact Richard Musson on 020 8977 9049 or
07798526033 or richardmusson@aol.com.