Drinks Reception at The College of Arms

The Bluemantle Pursuivant, Mark Scott, hosted members of the Bluemantle’s CC at the College of Arms on the evening of 11th April for the last time.

He now becomes Somerset Herald and, on 16th April, James Peill takes over as Bluemantle Pursuivant.

The Patron with the President

Visit to the archives at The Amelia Scott

On 30th October our Chairman arranged a visit to The Amelia Scott Centre in Tunbridge Wells where archives galore exist including some of those of the Bluemantle’s Cricket Club. The Patron and President joined Nick and the former was soon in his element examining crests and coats of arms both of the town and of the club.

In a pair of boxes we discovered the club rules dating back to the formation of the club in 1862. We examined photos of heroes of the past and looked through a number of the old scorebooks from the late C19th and early C20th. The President was delighted to find proof of Siegfried Sassoon’s regular appearances. Clearly a keen member but not a prolific run scorer. He was also delighted to find his own great uncle playing in some of the matches with the great poet.

The 1964 fixture list showed 34 senior matches and also a handful of junior games under the organisation of Herbert F.M.Hunter, our recent President. Familiar names such as R.R.Bairamian, E.M.Rose, D.J.D Farrow, R.M.K.Gracey, N.Heroys and A.L. Newbury were match managers in that crowded season.

Alas, all of our more recent records have been lost and destroyed. To find these splendid records of the past was a joy indeed. Our club has a noble history and here was proof of the Bluemantle’s being one of the oldest cricket club in the land.

Nigel Wheeler

Robin Brodhurst (1952-2023)

Bluemantle’s CC lost a very dear sportsman this year.

Robin Brodhurst was a fond member of the Bluemantle’s and added much fun and laughter to the club through the 1980’s and 1990’s. Robin died in his sleep, aged 70, in mid-January 2023.

Robin was an enthusiast and a great encourager. He excelled as a schoolmaster and will be much missed by all who knew him.

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